The State Is Pretty Much Drenched, Said Dave Rizzardo, A Hydrologist With California’s Department Of Water Resources.

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Jan 12 Heavy rain and snow began to ease on Thursday in the U.S. West, but flooding risks remained high in parts of California after overflowing rivers forced thousands to evacuate in recent days. Wet weather continued throughout the day even as the power of the storms eased, with as much as a foot of snow (30 cm) anticipated in parts of the region by Friday, the National Weather Service said. A weather pattern meteorologists call an “atmospheric river” – a dense plume of moisture flowing from the tropical Pacific and into California and the West – has brought heavy snows and rains to the region over the past few weeks.“The state is pretty much drenched,” said Dave Rizzardo, a hydrologist with California’s Department of Water Resources. Severe weather was also making its way to Oklahoma on Thursday, and Governor Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the storms. “Because the weather event is expected to include dangerous road conditions and power outages, emergency management authorities recommended issuing this declaration before the full brunt of the storms arrive,” her office said in a statement. In Northern California, the latest round of extreme precipitation forced thousands of residents to seek higher ground in recent days. While rains slowed on Thursday, rivers remained swollen and hydrologists worked to manage the state’s complex flood control system in the face of high afternoon tides expected to raise water levels in the massive Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta near San Francisco. Mudslides closed State Route 49 in the Sierra Nevada on Thursday, and flooding blocked roads in the state’s San Joaquin Valley agricultural breadbasket, the California Highway Patrol said.

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